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Date:2012-09-22 14:37

Dark Roast
Press MM spotlight…

words of our founder, Rhiannon Rhodes:

Roast Press is an ePublisher with not only a GLBT focus but also with
a thirst for the dark side of life. No, we will not abandon the
"mainstream" road that the Erotica world has laid before
us, but we have created a home for the kinks of life we like to keep

it is no surprise that fully half of our Erotic Romance titles are
either MM or have MM content. We were an MM publisher before it was
hip, and you will love our flavor.


one of our founding authors. Her MM contemporary tales are focused on
real men in real life dramas.

For You 



There’s Smoke


Lucas Taylor and Paramedic Evan Singer are back in this sequel to
Burnin' for You.



television stars in a horrific accident on set facing the challenges

of the Shadows 



appears that Tyler has it all - a career that's on fire and a loving,
long-term relationship with his partner, Alex. But then Shane
uncovers the truth that Tyler had been trying to hide, and the
illusion comes crashing down.


Natal’s heroes live in gritty urban futures that challenge their
love in unique ways. They are not for the squeamish. The Rysykk
vampire series was our very first published title, and won a P&E
top ten award for best new sci-fi.



year JC brought us the challenging sequel: Rysykk’s Remedy


second futuristic series, another top ten P& E award winner,
tackles the root causes of slavery…



came the long awaited sequel: In Noble Pursuit



Be Your Drill, Soldier!

is a look at MM love in the US Army that was a top pick for June 2011 at
Queer Magazine Online. 




The Nikolai series

BDSM tales of the Confederate States of America. Angelia has
contributed stories set in this world to our short story anthologies
as well.






buy link:

anthology with Nikloai story, plus other GLBT


newest exclusively MM author brings a sweet contemporary spin to true



buy links:


Roast Press Senior Editor, and supplier of FF short stories to many
of the anthologies.

first full length novel is a contemporary MMF paranormal where the
heroes end up married.

Incredible Heidi Wasabi 


should also be made of the FF of Victoria Cannon, A Child of Fallen

buy links:

There's considerable GLBT included in the Noah Ravenswood series
series by
Chris Newman.
The seven volumes of the paranormal erotic adventures of a Wiccan
sleuth defy easy classification, but contain many GLBT scenes and
sub-plots. One client has married his transgender boyfriend and begun
a family; another lesbian couple meet and bond during volume 2. 



a reason we are listed on
and GayDemon!

will love the MM and other erotic authors of Dark Roast Press!

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Date:2011-03-08 09:53
Subject:Futurefic: Miscarried in New Georgia
Mood: cold

This is an adult erotic horror story based on current USA events and set in the near future.  Eventually it will be offered as part of a free ebook sampler at Dark Roast Press,

Title: Miscarried in New Georgia
author: helgaleena
genre: futurefic, erotic horror
warnings: violence, noncon, profanity, reality, incest, mention of sex

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Date:2009-03-09 18:41
Subject:How quickly the world owes us something

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
How quickly the world owes us something

[[Image:no intention.JPG]] 




Comedian Louis CK, brought to you by my fellow author Daisy Dexter Dobbs.  Her original blog here


An author recently sent me a file my computer couldn't get open. Turns out it was in a format that used to be a journalism standard- .qxd.  Reminded me that when I was in high school when we wanted to use the computer we had to punch holes in a stack of paper cards first. We were told to learn Fortran. Typing was done on huge vibrating loaves of machine with a little leaping ball of letters, or more slowly on a smaller machine with many levers and an inky ribbon on two spools.  Nowadays I don't even need pieces of paper!

New century, longer lives, less muscle. We are used to sitting in chairs and flying very fast through the air, or down ribbons of asphalt macadam. Thank goodness for compost. Otherwise we might think that all waste goes away down pipes or in trash trucks and that's it.

The ancient New Year that starts at vernal equinox is approaching. Us folk bred farther from the Equator don't relate in our guts to the Chinese New Year that begins a cross-quarter sooner. My son outgrew his bed and is receiving a new one. Dirt is beginning to show through the snow. Already they are enforcing 'savings of Daylight', which it turns out was invented in Britain. In Sweden, nobody quits using their headlights to drive no matter what the time of day. Eggs and baby animals and brave bulbs blossoming.

And I am telling you this in signals that travel though space and back, and are recorded in the virtual realm where you can see them even after I leave again. And I am still cutting up old socks into rings and weaving them together into potholders the way I did when I was seven.


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Date:2009-03-08 03:26

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com


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Date:2009-03-02 23:29
Subject:My new favorite astrologers

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
My new favorite astrologers


I have two new favorite cheer-ups in the stars department.  One is Christopher Witecki at Soulgarden, who is handsome and has endurance and the common touch.


http://www.soulgarden.tv/ also reposted at youtube if it's not working smoothly

The other is The Great Fernando, of  http://turnwise.blogspot.com/  The Turnwise Almanack, where you may also follow the prognostications of Lady Anaemia Asterisk.

Just let me share with you this wonderful advice from the most recent edition of WOSSNAME, the newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion:

Lesser Umbrage 19 Feb - 20 Mar

Peoples often ask Fernando how he stays so calm, cool and collected
at all times. For Fernando, this is easy, because Fernando has the
very, how you say it, "laid back" personality. Except for the making
of love, where Fernando is moltissimo hot-blooded. But for
Umbragians who wish to be more like Fernando, the stars say that
your self-improvement is the ancient Laotan mystic art of yoga. You
too can learn to breathe through your third eye. And for those who
do not have the personality for yoga, never fear, for the stars have
the answer: the ancient art of tantrum yoga. If you can't stay calm,
let your tantrums work for you to give you the great power and
endurance in the obstacle race of life. Then you will be as relaxed
as Fernando.

 I too shall learn to breathe through my third eye.



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Date:2009-02-19 00:24
Subject:Something excellent and free

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
Something excellent and free


Now that we have all made it to the other side of Valentines Day the great marketing of romance phenomenon, which in the old days was called Lupercalia and involved ripping hearts out, I have to exult in two things.

Thing one: the band Lamb of God has made their entire new album, WRATH, available to listen for free! at Myspace.



Thing two:

[[Image:DARK ROAST PRESS!.jpg]]


I am now officially a published romance author, not just a fanfictioning and editing wannabe.  The anthology My Dark Roasted Valentine, released on Valentine's Day 2009, contains 25 percent Helgaleena romance in the form of my short story, Heartseeds.



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Date:2009-02-08 01:55
Subject:Imbolc-- Bridget's bathwater

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
Imbolc-- Bridget's bathwater

Bathing in Moonlight</a> by *jmulcahy on deviantART

There is a legend that holy Bride the threefold goddess of the domestic arts could turn her bathwater into beer.  I think that is wonderful.

It is also the season when the maple sap begins to flow, ready for tapping, and the ewes are with lamb.  It is the season for St. Heikki festival in Finland, when all the gods of the Kalevala visit the towns, and carnival before Lent.

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Date:2009-02-02 21:23
Subject:Imbolc-- time for bridget's bath---

Bathing in Moonlight</a> by *jmulcahy on deviantART

There is a legend that holy Bride the threefold goddess of the domestic arts could turn her bathwater into beer.  I think that is wonderful.

It is also the season when the maple sap begins to flow, ready for tapping, and the ewes are with lamb.  It is the season for St. Heikki festival in Finland, when all the gods of the Kalevala visit the towns, and carnival before Lent.

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Date:2009-01-25 19:51
Subject:this poet...
Mood: grateful


She just says it right sometimes. And whenever she says it, it's just deliciously served.

I wanted terribly to send this to someone in particular but common sense (at least I am calling it that) intervened.

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Date:2009-01-19 02:43

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
visit http://engrish.com for more of this sort of things

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Date:2009-01-19 02:43

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com


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Date:2009-01-19 02:43

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com


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Date:2009-01-15 03:39
Subject:Space Program rant Update in honor of NASA

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
Space Program rant Update in honor of NASA


 My romance- sci-fi author friend at Myspace Melodee Aaron combs the newsfeeds and comes up with some excellent ones.

 NASA wants citizen input on what the Space Program's 'civilian' goals should be. TELL THEM FOR GOSH SAKES! click on the link.


I asked them to shoot down giant asteroids please. Below is a repost of my earlier blog on the space program and why we need it. Nature is Good. But if we can keep from being incinerated or boiled off into the vacuum, that is a bonus...

[[Image:sithh.JPG]] Look here, all--

Star Wars geeks may think of ourselves as nerds but actually we are escapists. The real action is in the Real World in Actual Outer and Inner Space. Thank you to the NERDS for this crucial reminder. 

On the whole I would say that the non-Star Wars sci-fi parts of my friendsbase at Livejournal have a much higher IQ overall, and know what the Real Nerds with Science Jobs are toying with lately. Whether it's giant particle colliders or Chandra or polar monitoring stations, they are better to spend time&nbsp;eavesdropping on than we 'Jedi' standing around cyberspace waiting for the next Lucas product to spend our grocery money on.

Having shaken my heavily splinted index finger at you all I give you the link.

<a href="http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2008/10/13/death-by-meteorite/">http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2008/10/13/death-by-meteorite/</a>

It's from scifi author Jay Lake,  

<a href="http://jaylake.livejournal.com/">http://jaylake.livejournal.com/</a>

 a great provider of regular helpings of 'link salad'. I advise you to read each and every comment in the thread because the posts are NOT by the braindead.

Then form your own opinion on whether or not you think humanity is worth perpetuating in the best interests of the planet we parasitize. Tailor you citizenship practices accordingly.

New Years update !  If you click on the following link, there's a great commentary by sci-fi author Melodee Aaron, and a huge and interesting quote of JFK (deceased president John f Kennedy, for the younger crowd) regarding the USA space program.


That is all.



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Date:2009-01-11 00:16
Subject:It's that time--- tell me what a great editor I am! with adult exerpt

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
It's that time--- tell me what a great editor I am! with adult exerpt


 This is a repost from the group

 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMRomancereadersandWriters/?yguid=211164153 ....

For those who may not have gathered this info yet, I am the chief
editing Sith at Dark Roast Press. My public persona is a dreadlocked
Hutt, as I began my love of M/M romance with Star Wars fanfiction and
still have not fully left that phase of my evolution behind. There's a
pretty comprehensive collection of links to my Star Wars work in all
genres at the Myspace profile.


What I learned from that incubation was that I could get equally as
much satisfaction from beta reading and mentoring new writers and those
whose mother tongue was not English yet chose to write in it. My
masters in South Asian linguistics wasn't quite as useless as I thought!

In 2007 I followed a brave cadre of fanfiction writers into the world
of e-romance publishing, under the banner of Aphrodite's Apples Press.
I was priveleged to work with over fifty different authors at all
levels of expertise during that time, and count many of them as friends
still, though when the Apple Tree fell, our editing children had to
scramble for new homes.

Worst off was the Aphrodites GLBT line, scheduled to be born on
Valentines Day. Instead, the whole press went down. Rhiannon Rhodes
stepped in and made us a home-- Dark Roast Press. I am so gratified
that we are getting such kudos at the P&E Poll. And my work there with
all our writers has meant to much to me, and will continue to do so.

Adrianne Brennan is a former SW geek, yea one among many, whose paranormal romance novel
Blood of the Dark Moon has now been reissued by Freya's Bower at last,
and also her short Blood and Mint Chocolates, an F/F title in the same
universe-- both works are my satisfied editing clients. A vote for her (yes non-M/M
titles, sorry) is a vote for moi. And the books are doing well there at
P& E,  http://critters.org/predpoll

 also at the LoveRomances Cafe poll.


But that's not all! Claudia, my boss at Loveyou Divine Alterotica, has
been nominated for a CAPA! You know them; Carol McKenzie and Bryn Colvin and Nix Winter all the other cool writers are there.

 Over there I got to do an M/M edit called One Night Stand. It's a paranormal
with plenty of kink. Do check it out.
Read more...Collapse )
So, am I Best Editor in the universe? Maybe not, but I have lots of fun
trying. Vote here.



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Date:2008-12-26 23:02

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com


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Date:2008-12-26 23:02

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com


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Date:2008-12-26 21:20

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com


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Date:2008-12-26 21:20

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com


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Date:2008-12-26 21:20
Subject:What is ahead for 2009?

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
What is ahead for 2009?


 Your guess is as good as mine.  We won't be Bush and Cheney's hostages anymore, but how much will change?

The very same source I am citing reports that Halliburton, Cheney's old chums, have moved their HQ from Houston to Dubai.

As Mr. Fahad notes, my fellow disabled American Bonnie Lackey writes truth. And I'm glad to finally come across it. Thanks, Bonnie.

This is a reprint from http://www.fahad.com  posted in march 2006.

Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2008-12-12 07:27
Subject:Reposting THE AGENDA

helgaleena healing line http://helgaleena.mylivepage.com
Reposting THE AGENDA


The original sermon is here:

 I am much too chintzy to write another one just because it's nearly winter solstice. It's hibernation season and I'm fighting that as it is.


 Remember you can never have too much Sex. But if it's leading to reproduction you are doing it wrong unless you want the world to die from having too many damn humans on it. And if it involves long term harm to any involved then you are not nice and will get coal in your stocking or your wooden shoe depending on your ethnicity.

This time of year creates intense craving for sleep, or lights twinkling and hot stimulants if action is involved. (y/n)

You know what's pernicious mythology?  Soulmates. the One and Only. In the flush of initial compatibility after long searching for a comfortable fit, couples think every single thing is going to go chronically right forever after due to this. Then they go and evolve into better people who might no longer fit each other so well.  What's more, if narrowmindedly they think there is no other option than each other, they are stagnant and stuck.

Guess what? It is guaranteed that Death Do Us Part.  All things pass from one stage to the next. We can only do our best for one another and hope for the same in return. It doesn't always last, and it doesn't always work, and the least we can do is give the old shoe a decent burial when it wears out. Oh the roads it's been down!

Yours truly keeps outlasting things I thought fondly might kill me. Including 'the love of my life' who turns out to be as steadfast in venom as he was in sweetness. And both turn out to be non nutritious after all. I did my best and try to play by the rules still, whatever illusion he dresses me in with his increasingly unfamiliar mind.

All this had me trying to remember why I am helgaleena, whether I still am, because, that man I married once is seeming so strange suddenly. I came across THE AGENDA and behold, it still fits.

So I box it  up and put new paper on so all the people who didn't read it before will think it's tinsely and festive.


A year ago this time I was helping Nikki Watson with her first full length novel for Aphrodites Apples Press. It was about a girl who loses her fiancee and falls apart for months, then is pulled out of herself again by the love of her friends. The title was SPIRAL and I hope it makes its way to print again. It was strung together out of fragments, much like the protagonist herself.  AA is gone, but there is Dark Roast, and there is Nikki, now a multi published Australian author of our fine genre.

May your downward and inward spirals tighten into little clumpy lumps in the middle and then unwind outward into increasing illumination as you unfold again.

This is the time of year for it. Must sleep now.



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